Septic Systems and Excavation

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Frequently Asked Questions (Septic Systems)


  • Septic System InstallationGurgling toilets - system needs to be checked.

  • Musty odor in the basement washroom. Try running some water in the shower, tub and sink. Flush the toilet once a week. Dried out drains and traps are often the culprits. Basement fixtures are often used seldomly.

  • Soggy lawn? Time for an inspection, the system is not working properly!

  • Sink hole? Often referred to as "break out", the system should be looked at immediately. Contact our office and a qualified individual will be scheduled for an appointment.

  • Having a big party. Winter party - have your tank partially pumped down. Summer party - Do the same, have it partially pumped down, or in our professional link section, click on one of our recommended portable washroom contractors. These units are unbelievable as they offer running water, hot and cold! And even concierge services.

  • My system has what? Contact our office and we'll arrange an on site meeting and walk you through the process.

  • System replacement - how long will it take? Typical installations take 1 - 1.5 weeks.

  • References? We will not only provide references, we will visit a few sites to familiarize you with the type of system you are installing.

  • Can Audet & Associates install all types of systems? Yes, we can, from conventional systems to the most complex tertiary treatment systems we are qualified.